HoverHandle, LLC, is a Massachusetts-based company whose patent-pending intelligent steering attachment makes hoverboards safer, functional and more fun.

Hoverboards became a worldwide phenomenonsoon after hitting the market in 2015. Battery issues and manufacturing defects led to a subsequent decline in sales. But after government agencies and the electronic industry stepped in, manufacturers took action to address these problems.

Today, the hoverboard market is thriving once again. Leading publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune and Wired have indicated hoverboards will play a key role in the future of personal transportation. In fact, market research company TechSci Research predicts global market will surpass $1.8 billion by 2021.

Despite all the upbeat news, hoverboards still have one glaring shortcoming: They're not so easy or intuitive to steer. That means riders are prone to falling. Want proof? Try Googling "hoverboard fails" .

Inspiration Strikes

In 2015, 10 -year-old Andrew Agbay became the happy owner of a new hoverboard, courtesy of his grandfather, Al Agbay. A few months later, the pair watched the film Paul Blart, Mall Cop, which features comedic actor Kevin James as the title character patrolling his terrain on a souped-up Segway personal transporter.

The humorous concept got Andrew thinking: What if someone could create a device that would attach to a hoverboard and allow the rider to steer it just like a Segway? Al, a veteran entrepreneur, thought it was a brilliant idea. And thus a multigenerational business partnership was born.

An Invention Comes to Life

Al and Andrew first tried to prototype a device with a mish-mash of parts from hardware stores. They didn't get very far. But then they called in some big guns—physicist and software engineer Dave Cordella (Andrew's other grandfather) along with mechanical engineer Ed Acciardito help them a first-pass concept. Throughout much of 2016, the team continued making refinements to what would become known as the Hover Handle™.

The Hover Handle, whichfits most hoverboards sold today, enables you to steer and control all hoverboard movements — right, left, back, forward, circle, stop and go. It also provides a meaningful sense of balance, as if you're riding a bicycle. Learn more about our product .